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10 Things Everyone Should Know About Ukraine

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Ukraine

Made in partnership with the Ukrainian Institute and H.S. Pshenychnyi Central State Film, Photo and Sound Archive of Ukraine

’10 Things Everyone Should Know About Ukraine’ brings to life familiar and yet unknown stories about Ukraine. Ten short films [just over an hour in total] tell about famous figures, historical and cultural events in Ukraine, and invite to see Ukraine of ХІХ-ХХI in the local and world contexts.

Intro: 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Ukraine

Taras Shevchenko: The Serf Who Founded a Nation

The Many Voices of Ukraine

Lesia Ukrainka: Fin-de-siècle Ukrainian Feminism

Why Do Ukrainians Take To The Streets?

Les Kurbas: Ukrainian Avant-Garde Theatre

Fighting for the Self: Poetry from the Gulag

Holodomor: The Ukrainian Famine of the 1930s

Ukrainian Cinema: Giving a Voice to the Silenced

The Bloodlands: Ukraine in World War II

Andrei Sheptytskyi: A Count Who Became a Priest

Пісні Війни: Концерт Патріотичної Пісні

Lviv Music Room | DROZDOV

00:07​ Остап Дроздов – От як розказати
05:38​ Назар Савко – Не руш сльозу
11:36​ Назар Савко – Лента за лентою
17:17​ Олександр Шевченко – Солдат
21:24​ Олександр Шевченко – Аеропорт
29:04​ Богдан Ковальчин – Сепаратюга
38:57​ Ігор Шолтис – Шульц
45:47​ Ігор Шолтис – Мій дім
50:24​ вірш Дивися, я не плачу
52:28​ Петро Радейко – Мамо, не плач
56:29​ Петро Радейко, Лєна Корнєєва – Ми живем
01:01:09​ Лєна Корнєєва – Кленова балада
01:05:42​ Лєна Корнєєва – Два кольори
01:12:24​ Остап Дроздов – Українці мої
01:16:58​ Софія Федина – 17-й рік
01:22:39​ Софія Федина – З нами Бог
01:29:58​ Олександр Рожко – Байдужість
01:33:30​ Олександр Рожко – Не сумуй
01:39:44​ вірш Бабуся плаче
01:41:13​ Ірина Доля – Іванку
01:47:50​ Ірина Доля – Щастя
01:52:14​ Кулі – Дівчина з Майдану
01:56:50​ Кулі – Ми йдемо із Карпатського краю
02:02:22​ Остап Дроздов – Не шкодую
02:07:56​ Павло Табаков – Небесна Сотня
02:13:14​ Павло Табаков і воїни – Дорога на Схід
02:19:07​ Павло Табаков – Україно моя

Клептократія: Влада Крадіїв

Фільм Дениса Казанського та Дениса Каплунова

Kleptocracy (from Greek κλέπτης kléptēs, “thief”, κλέπτω kléptō, “I steal”, and -κρατία -kratía from κράτος krátos, “power, rule”) is a government whose corrupt leaders (kleptocrats) use political power to appropriate the wealth of their nation, typically by embezzling or misappropriating government funds at the expense of the wider population.

35th Anniversary of the Chornobyl Disaster

35th Anniversary of the Chornobyl Disaster

The Ukrainian Weekly | Sunday, May 4, 1986, No. 18, Vol. LIV


On April 26, 1986, a tragedy of unspeakable magnitude occurred at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant in Northern Ukraine. At 1:23 AM, an explosion at the plant blew the concrete roof off Reactor #4 spewing huge amounts of toxic radioactive particles into the atmosphere. Other than immediate attempts by Chornobyl workers to put out the fire caused by the explosion, there was no official government reaction to this catastrophe – no announcements were made, no warnings given – nothing that showed the slightest concern for the population of Ukraine, or for the global community in general. In a deliberate act of what can only be seen as negligence and disregard for the safety of millions, Soviet authorities remained silent. Continue reading “35th Anniversary of the Chornobyl Disaster”

35 Years Later: Remembering the 1986 Chornobyl (Chernobyl) Nuclear Disaster

The Ukrainian Museum in New York City

35 years ago today, on April 26, 1986, the worst nuclear accident in history occurred in Chornobyl (Chernobyl), Ukraine.

Chronicle of Severe Days (1986) | 6.5 min
Film by Volodymyr (Vladimir) Shevchenko | Narrated by Elena Filatova

What you will see:

  • Pictures of workers digging under the reactor wearing no protective equipment. They attempted to stabilize the melting base of the destroyed reactor.
  • Pictures of the workers on the roof of the reactor putting radioactive debris back into the radioactive container. Shevchenko made these pictures on the roof himself, and it is likely that he was exposed to excessive radiation at this point.
  • Shevchenko filmed a falling MI-24 helicopter. The helicopter flew directly over the destroyed reactor container, and the pilot likely suffered excessive radiation that debilitated him in the air.

Continue reading “35 Years Later: Remembering the 1986 Chornobyl (Chernobyl) Nuclear Disaster”

Молитва | Prayer

Молитва | Prayer

Молитва за спокій в Україні

Отче Небесний, Твій Син учив нас:
“Блаженні миротворці, бо вони синами Божими назвуться.”
У цей час ми гаряче молимося, щоб Твій Дух Святий
Надихав людей в Україні ставати миротворцями.
Щоб вони шукали примирення і діалогу,
Щоб припинилися гостра конфронтація та убивства,
Щоб на цій багатостраждальній землі
Запанував мир в народі, відродилися людські права,
Принципи демократії та релігійної свободи.
Боже, Отче наш, молимо Тебе:
Заспокой страждання, зціли поранених і
Прийми душі полеглих і Твоєму Царстві Небесному.
Пресвята Мати Божа, накрий своїм благословенним
Та захисним покровом всю Україну.
Нехай життя буде для створення Твого Миру
В Україні і світі.

A Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

Heavenly Father, Your Son taught us:
“Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called Children of God.”
At this hour, we fervently pray that Your Holy Spirit
May inspire men and women in Ukraine to become Peacemakers.
May they seek reconciliation and dialogue, and
End the violent confrontation and killing.
May they restore human rights, democratic principles and
Religious liberty to their troubled land.
God, our Father, we beseech you to:
Comfort the suffering, heal the wounded and
Accept the souls of the departed into Your Heavenly Kingdom.
And may the Most Holy Mother of God extend her
Blessed Mantle of Protection over Ukraine.
And may each of us always live our lives as instruments of Your Peace
In Ukraine and the World.

UCCA appeals to all of its members to be active participants in American political life

UCCA appeals to all of its members to be active participants in American political life

Ukrainian Congress Committee of America | Український Конґресовий Комітет Америки

UCCA appeals to all of its members to be active participants in American political life, to help us continue the United States’ history of actively supporting and engaging with Ukraine in areas of military assistance. Thanks to the civic engagement of our community, this past week saw several important developments in Washington, D.C. that fall in line with such a commitment. Continue reading “UCCA appeals to all of its members to be active participants in American political life”