Elaine A. Diaczun, Bingo Coordinator

BINGO is played every Thursday at the St Vladimir’s Ukrainian Parish Center. Doors open at 9:00 am; Games start at 10:30 am and end at 1:30 pm. Admission price is $2 for 3 games; 4 “Specials” at $1 each. There are 9 games – mostly with 3 parts to each game. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Free parking, air-conditioned hall, and a wide array of sandwiches, snacks, and drinks are available, including hotdogs with sauerkraut, egg salad sandwiches, tuna salad sandwiches, delicious cakes and cookies, assorted chips, coffee, tea, hot chocolate.

BINGO was started in 1972 as a major fundraising event for St Vladimir’s Church. If you have some free time, please consider to join our team of dedicated volunteers.