10 Things Everyone Should Know About Ukraine

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Ukraine

Made in partnership with the Ukrainian Institute and H.S. Pshenychnyi Central State Film, Photo and Sound Archive of Ukraine

’10 Things Everyone Should Know About Ukraine’ brings to life familiar and yet unknown stories about Ukraine. Ten short films [just over an hour in total] tell about famous figures, historical and cultural events in Ukraine, and invite to see Ukraine of ХІХ-ХХI in the local and world contexts.

Intro: 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Ukraine

Taras Shevchenko: The Serf Who Founded a Nation

The Many Voices of Ukraine

Lesia Ukrainka: Fin-de-siècle Ukrainian Feminism

Why Do Ukrainians Take To The Streets?

Les Kurbas: Ukrainian Avant-Garde Theatre

Fighting for the Self: Poetry from the Gulag

Holodomor: The Ukrainian Famine of the 1930s

Ukrainian Cinema: Giving a Voice to the Silenced

The Bloodlands: Ukraine in World War II

Andrei Sheptytskyi: A Count Who Became a Priest

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