On the 28th Anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine

Ukrainian Congress Committee of America

WHEREAS, twenty-eight years ago, on August 24th, 1991, the people of Ukraine formally declared an independent Ukrainian state, establishing the territorial integrity of Ukraine as sovereign and inviolable, and bringing an end to a genocidal totalitarian regime; and

WHEREAS, the territorial integrity of Ukraine is sovereign and inviolable, and portions of Ukraine’s territory are currently under Russian military occupation in contravention of international law, we honor the efforts and sacrifices of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to stave off further Russian military advances in Ukraine, and their readiness to defend and the entire European continent and its United States allies against further aggressive actions of the Kremlin; and

WHEREAS, since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014, the United States and its allies have helped train Ukraine’s Armed Forces from just over 100,000 troops to nearly 250,000 today, with the eventual goal of helping the Ukrainian military train and evaluate its own NATO-interoperable units, we honor the men and women of the United States Armed Forces for providing the educational materials and training to further the professional development and increase the overall readiness of Ukraine’s Armed Forces; and

WHEREAS, 5 years ago, ordinary citizens of Ukraine gathered outside during a cold winter in Kyiv during the “Revolution of Dignity,” we honor those brave individuals who laid down “soul and body for [their] freedom” as Ukraine’s anthem declares, who will forever be remembered as the Heavenly Hundred remain; and

WHEREAS, 75 years ago, Josef Stalin ordered the ethnic cleansing of the Crimean peninsula, deporting the entire population of Crimean Tatars, which resulted in the genocide of over 100,000 Crimean Tatars, and 70 years later, Vladimir Putin ordered Russia’s military invasion and current illegal occupation of Crimea, which today seeks to erase any semblance of the Crimean Tatar identity from their homeland, we honor the efforts and sacrifice of those working to preserve their language, rights, and culture from Russia’s unrelenting aggressive behavior today, much as they were during the Soviet and Tsarist regimes; and

WHEREAS, 125 years ago, a group of dedicated Ukrainian-American immigrants gathered together in Shamokin, Pennsylvania, and founded the first fraternal society for their community, we recognize the significant contributions of Ukrainian-American organizations to the cultural fabric of the United States, for never forgetting about their rich history and heritage, while at the same time sharing the collective U.S.-Ukrainian values of freedom, democracy and the rule of law;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, “Governor’s/Mayor’s Name, “Governor/Mayor of State/City,” on behalf of its citizens, do hereby proclaim this day/week August 24th, 2019 as Ukrainian Independence Day/Week and request and urge all citizens to join in commemorating this important anniversary. On this day, let us recommit ourselves to helping the Ukrainian nation reclaim full sovereignty over its international borders and remember its heroes who sacrificed their lives to ensure freedom and happiness of the future generations.

Please join us for the solemn flag raising ceremonies and community celebrations as per calendar schedule.

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