31 Years of Renewed Independence and 6 Months of russia’s 21st century Genocide against Ukraine

31 Years of Renewed Independence and 6 Months of russia’s 21st century Genocide against Ukraine

Ukrainian Congress Committee of America | Український Конґресовий Комітет Америки

This August 24th, Ukrainians around the world will simultaneously mark the historic 31st anniversary of Ukraine’s renewed Independence, and 6 months of russia’s unprovoked war and renewed attempts of genocide against the Ukrainian nation.

The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA), the largest representative organization of Americans of Ukrainian descent, joins Ukrainians around the world in honoring the sacrifice and valor represented in both of these anniversaries, and extends our community’s prayers for the protection of Ukraine and her people.

Moscow’s actions in Ukraine undermine basic international principles vital to peace and security. These principles extend beyond Ukraine and Europe, as they are the underpinnings of the international order that the United States and our Allies built in the aftermath of World War II, giving us the most prosperous and safe period in world history.

UCCA, the united community of Ukrainian American organizations and local leaders across the country, has maintained from its earliest days that it is in the United States’ national interest to see Ukraine stand as a sovereign and democratic state, in charge of its own foreign policy, militarily strong, territorially secure, and economically prosperous. Since the invasion of Ukraine first began in 2014, UCCA has consistently urged decisive actions from the law-abiding international community of free nations:

  • calling for the arming of Ukraine with US-made anti-tank weapons when others would not;
  • supporting Ukraine’s full integration into Western structures by reiterating UCCA’s 2008 call for immediate NATO Membership Action Plans (MAP) for Ukraine, Georgia and other countries in the region and to accelerate Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration;
  • and advocating for strengthening major economic sanctions against entire sectors of russia’s economy BEFORE further russian aggression.

For centuries, the people of Ukraine sacrificed and struggled to achieve an independent state. UCCA continues to honor the heroes of Ukraine who fought to preserve their culture, language, and self-identity under successive regimes of colonial oppression, and all those who sacrificed their lives to ensure freedom and happiness for future generations.

This August 24th, let us recommit ourselves to helping Ukraine reclaim full sovereignty over its international borders, and do whatever we can to aid Ukraine’s heroes, who today stand guard at the frontlines of Freedom and Democracy.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!
Слава Україні! Героям Слава!


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