Ed Sheeran – 2step ft Antytila

ANTYTILA | YouTube | May 2, 2022

I had a bad week
Spent the evening pretending it wasn’t that deep
You could see in my eyes that it was taking over
I guess I was just blind and caught up in the moment
You know you take all of my stress right down
Help me get it off my chest and out
Into the ether with the rest of this mess that just keeps us depressed
We forget that we’re here right now

‘Cause we’re livin’ life at a different pace, stuck in a constant race
Keep the pressure on, you’re bound to break, something’s got to change
We should just be cancelling all our plans and not give a damn
If we’re missin’ out on what the people think is right
Seein’ through a picture behind the screen and forget to be
Lose the conversation for the message that you’ll never read
I think maybe you and me
Oh, we should head out to the place where the music plays
And then

We’ll go all night
Two-steppin’ with the woman I love
All my troubles turn to nothin’ when I’m in your eyes, electrified
We’ll keep turnin’ up and go all night
Oh, we had dips and falls in our time
But we know what it feels to be low, then up, alone, then loved
And all we need is us to go all

Night, night
Two-steppin’ with the woman I love
Night, yeah
All we need is us

Сирени обірвали наш сон
У дві валізи все минуле, далі go go
Ти за кермо, у невідоме
І всі нерви в кулак, і не рви мене так
Я залишаюся вдихати дим
Останні запахи Dior із ним
Я пам’ятаю, ти хотіла в Рим
Все йде до того, що спочатку на Крим
Свій двіж замутим
Ніхто не вийде із води сухим

Нас застав напряжний ранок
Як серіал-драма, місяцями
Герої ми тут, і ми тут шоураннери
Горить сюжет, скільки ще ракет
Мила, обіцяю, коли все мине

Я танцюватиму з тобою so slow
І цілуватиму туди де любов-ов-ов
Знов і знов, чекай мене, коли все це мине
Я впаду з тобою в цей flow
Зацілую туди, де любов-ов-ов
Знов і знов, чекай мене, коли все це ми…

Night, night
Two-steppin’ with the woman I love
Night, yeah
All we need is us to go all night
Night, night
Two-steppin’ with the woman I love
Night, yeah
All we need is us to go all night

Ed Sheeran and Ukrainian pop-rock band Antytila have presented a joint song — a remake of the track 2Step from the latest album of the British artist, in which Taras Topolia sings in Ukrainian. Band’s Youtube channel released an official music video. Impressive wartime footage and touching personal story of Taras Topolia — all embodied in the video.

“Ed’s suggestion to work together is a manifestation of the genuine support for Ukraine, shown by the people of Great Britain during this war. Millions of people, not only in words but in concrete deeds, show how it really is to stand up for their principles, democracy and freedom and to give a hand to those, who really need it. It seems like just a joint song, but how symbolic it is in fact. In our current circumstances it was really challenging to write and record Ukrainian lyrics to Ed’s song. In addition to this, Bobina Records studio, where we used to record our own songs, was under russian scumd’ occupation. But thanks to Maksym Syvolap, our friend, irreplaceable co-author and arranger of many songs, we succeeded to do our part”, — tells Taras Topolia.

All funds raised from Youtube video monetization and royalties will be forwarded to Music Saves UA, a project by the Ukrainian Association of the Music Events musicsavesua.com/uk

Antytila point out that the video is dedicated to Dmytro Manifest, a Ukrainian film director, whose life was cut short.

The director and producer of the video is Dmytro Shmurak — a close friend of Dmytro Manifest. He and his team professionally and perfectly implemented everything that was on his mind, knowing that Antytila band will not be able to fully join the filming.

“There are people that are ready to go through the fire and flames with you. Specifically because of our friendship with Manifest, I finally understood that doing anything at half strength makes absolutely no sense. Life is very uncalm now, so when Antytila asked me to support and, in fact, to produce and film the video by myself, I instantly agreed, though understood that it will be an extremely challenging task. Me and the team did our best to make it happen. If Dima was alive, he would definitely be with us on the set. And all I want to say to the boys — get back home alive!” — shares Dmytro Shmurak.

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