Interested to know how you can fight Russian aggression? Here are a few examples.

Interested to learn how you too can fight Russian aggression? Here are some examples.

  1. Stop selling and buying Russian vodka. A side note, you won’t find Ukrainian vodka ever, but you may look for Ukrainian HORILKA.
    The Hill | February 27th, 2022
    Several states restrict Russian vodka sales in solidarity with Ukraine

    Several U.S. states have moved to remove Russian vodka from bars and store shelves as Moscow continues its full-scale military assault on Ukraine.

  2. Ditch other Made-in-Russia goods. Find an alternative.
    KXAN News | February 26th, 2022
    Gov. Abbott asks Texas businesses to remove Russian products from shelves, many are

    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted Saturday afternoon that he is asking members of the Texas Restaurant Association, Texas Package Stores Association and Texas retailers to “voluntarily remove all Russian products from their shelves.”

  3. Ask those Putin sympathizers out there to explain themselves. Block or remove those who continue to hold to their beliefs so stubbornly. Make them feel pain, stress, and uncertainty that Ukrainian people are feeling right now.
    USA TODAY | February 25th, 2022
    NHL star Alex Ovechkin – a past Putin supporter – calls for peace, says Ukraine invasion is ‘hard situation’

    Washington Capitals Russian-born star Alex Ovechkin, a supporter of President Vladimir Putin, said he hoped there soon would be peace amid his country’s invasion of Ukraine.

    The New York Times | February 25th, 2022
    Valery Gergiev Faces Removal From Podiums Over Support for Putin

    The uproar surrounding Valery Gergiev is a significant blow to a conductor who has built a busy international career while maintaining deep ties to the Russian state.

    NPR | March 22nd, 2022
    A Russian chess champion has been suspended over his pro-war comments

    Karjakin has repeatedly shared Russian propaganda and endorsed the war in recent weeks.

    A Russian chess grandmaster and outspoken supporter of President Vladimir Putin has been banned from competition for six months over his recent comments about the war in Ukraine.

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2 thoughts on “Interested to learn how you too can fight Russian aggression? Here are some examples.”

  1. When may we come by to deliver funds and contributions to the Ukrainian relief effort? We had planned to visit you today, Sunday, but no one answers your phone and it does not take messages.

    Thank you in advance.

    Robert Owen
    Community Church of Syosset

  2. Hello,

    My wife and I live in Oyster Bay and are able to host a refuge family (one bedroom in our home) — interested to learn more.


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