Meest Delivers Humanitarian Aid

Meest Delivers Humanitarian Aid

U.S. Ukraine Foundation | March 5, 2022

To help with the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine during times of war, Meest-America is collecting humanitarian aid donations to be shipped to Ukraine. All packages will be delivered into Ukraine to our International Charitable Foundation “Meest” in Lviv (Міжнародний Благодійний Фонд “Міст”) and dispersed to selected Ukrainian charity relief organizations who will distribute goods where needed all throughout Ukraine.

Three of the charitable organizations we work with in Ukraine are Організація «Народна самооборона Львівщини» / Lviv Samooborona, Caristas Ukraine, and BackAndAlive. We are open to working with any charitable organizations in Ukraine to deliver humanitarian aid. Please contact us directly.

Meest-America can now offer FREE SHIPPING* from our New Jersey head office (600 Markley St, Port Reading, NJ 07064) to Ukraine to International Charitable Foundation Meest.

*Free Shipping to Ukraine was made possible by our partners. We are very thankful for their support at this critical time. On behalf of these organizations, we ask that you please consider sending them a monetary donation to offset their expenses as they work diligently and tirelessly to help the people of Ukraine!

Packages dropped off at agent locations (in NY, NJ, PA, CT, MA, and MD) will be subject to shipping charges, at a heavily discounted price of $2.30 per pound and $5 per parcel. Packages from other states can also be shipped to our Meest warehouse in NJ at your own cost, and then Meest will deliver them for FREE directly to Lviv to be dispersed by our International Charitable Foundation Meest.

Please make note of very important information:

  1. At this time, we are ONLY accepting priority items for humanitarian relief from the list below.
  2. Prior to traveling to our Port Reading, NJ warehouse to drop off your packages, please contact us at 1-800-288-9949 with the following information:
    ► name of organization and person(s) who will be delivering packages,
    ► number of total packages,
    ► description of package contents,
    ► estimated time of arrival.
  3. In order to easily expedite packages, all packages MUST be sorted according to category – food with food, first aid with first aid, etc.
  4. Please clearly label each package’s contents on the outside of the package.
  5. Please DO NOT send any items on our restricted list.
  6. Please DO NOT send any clothes or diapers at this time since we are completely overstocked.
  7. To qualify for free shipping, please be certain to ONLY pack the items from the list.

*PLEASE NOTE: Only the priority items in this list qualify for FREE SHIPPING. All other items will be subject to charges.

Packing details for humanitarian aid packages:
► The maximum weight of each package is 66 lb (30kg)
► Pack each package by item category (i.e. food with food, clothes with clothes, etc)
► Write the category of goods on the outside of each package
► Provide a detailed description of goods in each package
► Provide an estimated value for each package

More information and details for financial donations can be found here.

Priority Items for Humanitarian Relief


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