The Ukraine war through the eyes of Ukrainian and Russian New Yorkers

By Rachel Hatzipanagos and Jack Wright | The Washington Post | April 25, 2022

‘Since the war began, we live in two time zones’

The New York region is home to a quarter of the Ukrainian and Russian immigrants in the United States.

And over the past two months, many members of these communities have been glued to the television and social media, watching the war in Ukraine unfold. Many Ukrainian Americans are terrified for their family and friends, and desperate to help. The Russian Americans are horrified by the violence and wary about the crackdown in their native country.

Rachel Hatzipanagos is a staff writer at The Washington Post. She is a writer for the About US newsletter on race and identity. Professional Affiliations: National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Languages spoken in addition to English: Spanish.

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