Ukraine Must Win. What Do You Do to Help Ukraine Win?

Ukraine Must Win. What Do You Do to Help Ukraine Win?

By Volodymyr Tsyalkovsky | March 28, 2022

In time of distress, it is easy to see who does the right thing—who cares, supports, and does. It is even easier to see who does not. The war is that litmus paper of true intentions.

Unfortunately, some old friendships will not survive the test of war. Some will strengthen and certainly new ones will be formed. And after all, you will know in whom to place your trust and confidence.

Each of us has unique set of skills and abilities. And each and every one of us has a role to play fight in this war. It does not work to demand from others to do more. Instead, each of us should ask yourself to do it, to do more, to do the impossible. The collective effect would be tremendous.

It is just easier to do it together. With our support and our actions, Ukraine’s freedom will be defended. Together, as one united community and common mission – we will win this war!

When our children will ask (or our children will be asked, for that matter):

What did you do in 2022?

We should be able to say proudly — I fought this war and we helped Ukraine win.

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