Who is Aleksandr Dugin?

A megaphone of russia’s ambition to become an imperial superpower?
A reflection of collective russian social consciousness?
Fascist? Ruscist?

Aleksandr Dugin: The far-right theorist behind Putin’s plan | 60 Minutes | 2017

In 2017, 60 Minutes spoke with the Russian political philosopher Aleksandr Dugin, who for decades has called for the annexation of Ukraine.

Bernard-Henri Lévy vs. Aleksandr Dugin | The Nexus Institute | 2019

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, the Nexus Symposium 2019, ‘The Magic Mountain Revisited’, revolved around the themes and music from The Magic Mountain. As if Settembrini and Naptha were alive today, Bernard-Henri Lévy and Aleksandr Dugin debated on stage as defenders of the Enlightenment and counter-Enlightenment.

Ideologist of the “Russian world”, Putin’s “brain” and cannibal: THE INSANE IMPERALIST DUGIN | Телебачення Торонто | 26 серпня 2022

After the car bombing of not really known Russian propagandist Darya Dugina in Moscow, a lot of people first became aware of the existence of her father, Alexander Dugin. Seeing Dugin for the first time, some might think: Who is this werewolf in the process of shapeshifting?

Alexander Dugin is an occult philosopher, Orthodox thinker and one of the main ideologists of the Eurasianism theory. This is the Russian point of view. From the point of view of conscientious people, Dugin is a flawless fascist, a bloodthirsty imperialist, and just a creature who looks like he talks to hornets’ nests every morning.

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